In 1974, our first pastor, Reverend Eunilah Mean, felt a desire to start a church in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, across the harbour from the church she pastored with her husband, Bishop John Mean.  She travelled to New Brunswick, and held meetings at churches there to raise funds for a building.  The Means sold their home and furniture, and put all the proceeds towards buying property in Dartmouth.

They moved into the new church building, and lived there for two years.  Their young son, Nathan, used to boast about having the largest bedroom in the city - the church sanctuary!

The Dartmouth United Pentecostal Church was constructed before there was even a congregation in the city, and many souls came to the Lord as Rev. Eunilah Mean preached her own revival for many weeks.

Over the years, with the Dartmouth United Pentecostal Church as a base, the Means trained and sent out many Gospel workers, especially through their ministry of the Nova Bible Academy.  The Means visited the mission field several times, taking their vibrant ministries beyond the borders of Nova Scotia.  They were passionate about evangelizing among those who did not know God.  Their primary concern was always the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and they have used any available means at their disposal to accomplish this goal.  The Means have been "all things to all men, that they might by all means save some."

Fifty years of ministry bring many special moments, many changes, and certainly, not a few problems.  The road was not always easy for the Means, but the Lord has always been faithful to them as they raised a family of four children, planted numerous churches, survived persecution and sickness, held thousands of church meetings, and given Godly leadership.  One of the secrets to their sweet Christian spirit is thankfulness in both the good times and the bad.

Eunilah Mean has gone on to her reward in Heaven, and she is greatly missed here at Dartmouth United Pentecostal Church, and around the world.  We appreciate the service and ministry of Bishop John Mean, who still faithfully attends DUPC on a weekly basis.